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Contacts with the US Embassy in Rangoon reported that 112 metric tons of "mixed ore" was transported from Burma to China via Singapore on January 25 2007. Officials were paying close attention to the shipment and the port and there were various abnormalities from normal transportation of mixed ore that point to Uranium.

Suspicions that point to Uranium===

"According XXXXXXXXXXXX, security was tighter than usual, surveillance was heavier, and officials paid closer attention to the movement of the shipment and activity at the port. XXXXXXXXXXXX also claimed that metals are usually exported in blocks, whereas the bags in this shipment were filled with loose earth and mud. The source of the mixed ore, Maw Chi, is also a source for uranium, they claimed. XXXXXXXXXXXX said the destination in China, Fang Chen, and the shipping line, Advance Container Lines, were unusual for routine ore shipments."


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